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World Wide Candle Lighting 2015

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Today om World Wide Candle Lighting 2015 Melodies from the Heart will tribute the lost ones with a new video.
Many thanks to all of you who sent in the names of the loved ones who are missed. And a special thanks to Aletta and Willem van Eijk who donated there song for this video.

wwcl  World  Wide  Lighting  Candle


Call to action: World Wide Candle lighting 2015

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This year the Melodies From The Heart Foundation does something special for World Wide Candle Lighting. Something you can take part of it, if you want.

On Sunday, December 13th World Wide Candle Lighting takes place. On this day at 19:00 people all around the world lit candles in memory of deceased children.
On this day we will make a new song available via YouTube. The new song is dedicated to all children loved and lost.



New project: Goodbye my friend

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What started with the lost of a friend, turned toin a beautiful music and video project to honour our lost friends
Please take a look to our project Goodbye my friend.

Goodbye my friend


goodbye my friend jan knetsch


2014 worldwide candle lighting

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BurningCandle SommaiEvery 2nd Sunday in December is Worldwide Candle Lighting (Dutch: Wereldlichtjesdag). That day at 19:00 worldwide people will burn candles to remember there lost child. It does not matter what age your lost child was, it will always be your child to remember.
The world will become a little lighter for those who lost there child and it will gain conscious that you are not alone in your grief. The worldwide candle lighting is an initiative of The Compassionate Friends and started in 1997.

The Melodies from the Heart foundation has created a special video that shares a lot of candles and memories. These candles bear the names of many who have left this earth, but are still alive in our memories.
We thank everyone who has sent their video for this video monument and wish them strength and love.
The song "Your light shines forever" is dedicated to all deceased children.

your light shines forever  worldwide candle lighting  wereldlichtjesdag  2014


new song: The emptiness in my soul

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DeLeegteInMijnZiel F Hoes 200x200 ukThe Melodies from the heart foundation brings an new song on the loss of a child.
"The emptiness in my soul" tells the story of the sadness a father feels over the loss of his child. The music and text, written by Patrick Schouten, portrays the powerlessness, sadness and disbelief that a father can feel when faced with this most personal of crises.

We hope to offer all fathers who face a similar loss the comfort, recognition and remembrance that can eventually lead to discussion and closure.
"The emptiness in my soul" will be released in several languages, like Dutch, German and French. At the same time as the release of "The emptiness in my soul" the Dutch "De leegte in mijn ziel" is also released.
Watch the promo:
The complete song "The emptiness in my soul" is available from our website.
(picture of tree by Evgeni Dinev)

the emptiness in my soul  new song


a loving christmas from the heart

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We at Melodies from the Heart whises you all a loving Christmas and all the best for 2013.
MFTH A Loving Christmas From The Heart 2012You may share this picture.

wish  christmas  2013


new song: Ce Souvenir de Lui

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Melodies from the Heart - logoA new song is added to our collection. The song is called Ce Souvenir de Lui.
A French chanson sung by Sebastien Lennoy.

This song is for once not about death, but it has everything to do with loss and grief.
The loss of a loved one, a relation that came to an end.
Also this type of loss can be a of great sorrow and loneliness.
Are you in such a situation? Is your relationship with someone terminated? We hope that this song can give you some comfort.
Do you have any questions or comments, please let us know via the contact form.

sorrow  song  relationship  loved one  loss  French  end  comfort



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