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Melodies from the Heart - Logo BlueThe Melodies from the Heart Foundation makes use of so-called cookies. Cookies are small files that are placed on your system at certain points by the website in order to track or identify certain data necessary for the functionality of the site. Cookies that are used for advertising will not be placed on your system. We try, at all times, to restrict the use of cookies to only those strictly necessary for the appropriate operation of the website.

In accordance with current European Union legislation we must offer visitors the opportunity to deny the use of cookies. Because we are unable to ascertain whether or not certain cookies are compulsory, if denied, all cookies will be disabled by default. A text message will give you the opportunity to accept the use of cookies but until this is accepted we cannot guarantee the optimal functionality of the website.

The following cookies are used on this website :

Google Analytics

These cookies are on every page of the website and allow us to follow your visit. We do this so that we can tune the website for optimum visitor satisfaction and experience and to determine which parts of the site may require optimization. No personal information, such as IP addresses is recorded with these cookies.

Facebook connect

These cookies are used on the pages where a Facebook “like” button appears and is used to count our friends on the Facebook page. This control is achieved by code that is supplied by Facebook itself. Please read the privacy policy of Facebook (which may change periodically) to see how they handle personal data when they process this code.

Twitter button

The Twitter button cookie is used on the blog pages and also as part of the Twitter button. The button is implemented by code that is supplied by Twitter itself. Please read the privacy statement of Twitter (which may change periodically) to see how they handle personal data when they process this code.

Google +1

The Google +1 cookie is used on all pages and forms part of the Google +1 system.

You can find more information about this legislation at ICT Recht.
You would do well to install the Gostery plugin in your web browser. With this plugin you can always see what cookies are used by any Web page and offers the option to block them directly.

We do everything in our power to stay in line with current legislation and to protect your privacy at all times.

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