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The Melodies from the Heart Foundation, hereinafter named MFTH, hereby grants you access to the website www.melodiesfromtheheart.org (the Website) on which is published text, images and other materials supplied both MFTH and third parties. MFTH reserves the right at any time to modify or remove content or components thereof at any time with prior notification.

The information offered on the Website is done so without restriction and does not in any way form the basis of any offer of an agreement.

Limitation of Liability

The materials offered on the Website are provided without warranty of any kind or claim to correctness. Such material may be altered or removed by MFTH at any time without prior notice. Users can post to the Website and MFTH will exercise editorial control or supervision over such postings. MFTH will seriously investigate all complaints about user content and intervene where appropriate. Please contact us via the contact form.


All intellectual property rights on material contained within the Website and the songs, lyrics and music are the property of MFTH, its licensors and users. Copying, distributing and any other use of these materials is not permitted without written permission from MFTH, except and only to the extent provided in regulations of mandatory law (such as right to quote), unless otherwise indicated in specific materials.

It is not allowed for Web pages or individual elements (such as images, music, songs, videos or interactive applications) of the Website to be included in a frame set or an inline link of another web page for processing if there is any uncertainty about the origin of such material.


This Disclaimer may, from time to time, change or be updated.

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