"Dreams" is the second song from the Melodies from the Heart Foundation. Unlike the first release "You will always be with us", "Dreams" is focussed on one specific story but it applies to anyone in the same situation.
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A true story

It began when Mieke Kroonen contacted the Melodies from the Heart Foundation after she had heard about us and the song “You will always be with us”. Mieke lost her son, 6 year old Sander, to Cancer. Towards the end of his short life, Sander began dreaming about Heaven and these dreams were so real that he felt that he had been given a glimpse into what the future held for him. He shared many of these dreams with his mother, Mieke. After Sander passed away, Mieke set these dreams down in a book and as a poem.

From poem to song

Mieke contacted us via the Melodies from the Heart Foundation Facebook page and from this we were able to take the poem text and set it to music. Working closely together with Mieke and her daughter Judith we brought the song to life. The song lends itself to a mother and child duet and so we contacted Elly Zuiderveld and Elise Mannah, both of whom had expressed an interest in performing for the Melodies from the Heart Foundation and they were only to happy to take part.
Over the course of two recording sessions the guitar, piano and vocal parts were created and then the haunting oboe part was added during the mixing.

The Documentary

With this song we all had the feeling that we were dealing with something special, something extraordinary, that would give the Melodies from the Heart Foundation the chance to show the world what we stand for. We took the opportunity to make a short video clip (a mini documentary) telling Sanders story and how the song came about and was recorded. With this clip we hope to be able to inspire people to support the work of the Melodies from the Heart Foundation and for us to
be able to support those who need it most in their time of grief.

Click the picture below to watch the documentary. (with English subtitles)


Of the story of Sander is also available as audibook (in English)

Listen to the song

Download "Dreams" (Dromen) Dutch version

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“Dromen” in Dutch is available for download from the Melodies from the Heart Foundation webshop and you can also find it on iTunes and other internet webshops.

The following people gave their time, talent and effort:

  • Lyrics - Mieke Kroonen, Jan Knetsch, Patrick Schouten, Marco Knetsch
  • Music - Jan Knetsch, Patrick Schouten, Marco Knetsch, Judith Paulides
  • Vocals - Elly Zuiderveld, Elise Mannah
  • Producer - Tom Pearce
  • Photography - Judit Demoed (Youdid)
  • Video - Jan Knetsch
  • PR and organisation - Marion Middendorp, Christien Pearce

Photos of the recording sessions

Photography: Judith Demoed (YOUDID

If you would like to comment on this song, please contact us or go to our Facebook page.
I would download this song

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