Goodbye my friend

Goodbye my friend

When you lose a friend it's as if a supporting wall of your life has been taken away.
The friendly smile, the arm around your shoulder, the humor and the joy are no longer there.
You can no longer share life's joys and sorrows together, and that can be a great loss for many years to come.

What remains are the beautiful memories.

I wrote this song when a friend of mine died. His smile and love of life is something I will never forget. So now, whenever I think of him, I always see him smiling in front of me. Always with a joke, a smile and a wink, time for a chat and never short of a kind word. That is how he wanted to be, and is remembered. He was a beautiful and special man, someone you could trust and rely on. The loss is, and will always be, enormous but the memories of him are loving and warm because of who he was.

Many of you who have lost a friend will recognize this feeling and from this, therefore, the idea arose to share this song on Melodies from the Heart and share the feelings that so many of us have in common.

We invited people to send in pictures of their lost friend so that we could put them in the video clip that was created for the song and the pictures came from all over the world - so many, in fact, that it was impossible to to add them to a simple song lasting only a few minutes. Composer Patrick Schouten has written and produced a splendid arrangement of the entire song that is now long enough to include all of the photos we received in the final clip.

It has become a beautiful tribute, and I am proud that we were able to do this with Melodies from the Heart.

Warm Regards,

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The video
Watch the video in which all these friends are remembered.

Download the song "Goodbye my friend"
The song is available in two versions for download; the version of the video (16 minutes), and only the song (6 minutes).

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This song will soon be available on iTunes and CDbaby.

This project is created by:

  • song
    • lyrics and music- Jan Knetsch
    • arrangement and production - Patrick Schouten
  • video
    • video - Jan Knetsch and all those who have send us there pictures
If you want to react to this video or song please contact us via the webform or our Facebook page.
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