Memory Lane

Memory Lane - by KAEThis song is not a project from Melodies from the Heart, but by Kae.
KAE is working together with Melodies from the Heart to create new songs.
This song "Memory Lane" is composed en recorded by Kae and because of the shared ideals Kae asked us to be part of the release of the song and video. We are very proud to work together with Kae in this project.

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A true story

Memory Lane is based on a historical true story.
Thousands of refugee children were rescued by the “Kindertransport” between November 1938 and
September 1939. Without their parents they were brought from Berlin, Gdansk and Vienna to Hook
of Holland by train then by boat to their freedom in Great Britain.

The video

This song is accompanied with a strong video: Click the picture below to watch the video.

Kae also released an other song, called Sanctuary. This song is also dedicated to the war heros.
To learn more about Kae visit there website KAE the band or there Facebookpage.

Download the song "Memory Lane"

I would download this song

You can buy and download the song "Memory Lane" from our webstore. This song is also available via iTunes.

The following people where involved in this project:
  • lyrics and voice - Korine Varekamp
  • music - Alex Elzer
  • production - Tom Pearce
  • video - Wouter Hermans
If you would like to comment on this song, please contact us or go to our Facebook page.

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