The emptiness in my soul - father

the emptiness in my soul - father"The emptiness in my soul" tells the story of the sadness a father feels over the loss of his child.
The music and text, written by Patrick Schouten, portrays the powerlessness, sadness and disbelief that a father can feel when faced with this most personal of crises.
We hope to offer all fathers who face a similar loss the comfort, recognition and remembrance that can eventually lead to discussion and closure. 

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"The emptiness in my soul" is available via the Melodies from the Heart webshop, with a number of language versions available for sale and download.

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The following people were involved in this project :

  • Composer - Patrick Schouten
  • Dutch voice - Bastiaan Boog
  • English voice - Tom Pearce
  • Producer - Patrick Schouten
  • Engineer - Jan Knetsch
  • Cover artwork photograph - Evgeni Dinev (Free Digital Photos)

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