Toch hoor jij er altijd bij

Toch hoor jij er altijd bij - Melodies from the Heart(You will always be with us)

This is the song that started it all. The text is based on a poem by Marion Middendorp, of, written after the death of her son Nicky. It was Marions wish that this poem would be made into a song that she could use on her website to offer comfort to everyone who has suffered a similar loss. When Marion and Jan Knetsch of KSK Productions later became friends, she asked him to put the poem to music.

Marion then had the idea that it would be great if there were more songs on this subject, especially for the loss of a child. The reactions that came in after the release of You will always be with us strengthened this idea and so began the Melodies from the Heart Foundation.

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The song

It was clear from the outset that You will always be with us required a female vocal and renowned Dutch singer Wieteke van Dort was asked to take on the task, which she did gladly. The song was recorded in The Box Studios in Katwijk and produced by Tom Pearce of Practical Music. Everyone involved donated their time and their talent to the recording.

It became a very intense and sensitive song about a child who barely had the chance to see and feel
the world it was born into.

Listen to the song

Click on the picture below to start the video and to listen to the song.

Download “You will always be with us” (Toch hoor jij er alijd bij) Dutch version

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The song is available from our webshop and your purchase will help top support the work of the Melodies from the Heart Foundation and is also available from the website.

The following people gave their time, talent and effort:

  • Lyrics - Marion Middendorp, Jan Knetsch, Patrick Schouten, Marco Knetsch
  • Vocal - Wieteke van Dort
  • Music - Jan Knetsch, Patrick Schouten, Marco Knetsch
  • Drums - Hans Meijer
  • Recording services - Rob Könst (The Box Studio's in Katwijk)
  • Producer - Tom Pearce
  • Video - Jan Knetsch
  • PR and organisation - Marion Middendorp, Christine Pearce

If you would like to comment on this song, please contact us or go to our Facebook page.
I would download this song

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