Your light shines forever

YourLightShinesForever hoes 200x200Every year on the second Sunday in December at 19:00 people all over the world will burn a candle in memory of there child whom left this Earth. Many candles will be lit and tears will be shed. This tradition was started in 1997 by the The Compassionate Friends.

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In 2014 the Melodies from the Heart created a plan to offer these people a video monument. They could all participate in this moument just by sending us there video of a burning candle and the name of there lost child. On our website and facebookpage we received a lot of videos.
When creating the video monument we also composed a nice song which is sung by Saskia Heemskerk.
The video
Watch the video monument.

Listen to the song
The song of this video is also available in a normal length.
Download the song "Your light shines forever"

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This song will soon be available on iTunes

This project is created by:

  • song
    • singer - Saskia Heemskerk
    • music and lyrics - Jan Knetsch and Patrick Schouten
  • video
    • video - Jan Knetsch and all those who have send us there video
If you want to react to this video or song please contact us via the webform or our Facebook page.
I want to download this song

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