"warm heart" and "heartbeat" awards

We are grateful to the people and organisations who share our initiative. We give them a 'Warm Heart Award' to show our appreciation when they financialy support us. The people or organisations who support us with other means will be honoured with a 'Heartbeat Award'.


heartbeat award
For anyone who has done something special for the foundation.


warm hart standaard

For the people and organisations that have supported us financially.

We respect anybody who want to support the foundation but who doesn't want to be publicly know for that.
heartbeat award
Anja de jong
For regular writing beautiful poems for our blog. 
heartbeat award
Lianne Damen - Vesta Coaching
For regular writing beautiful poems for our blog.
heartbeat award

Karin Anbergen - Troostgeschenk.nl
For regular writing beautiful poems for our blog.
heartbeat award

Philippa Wadsworth - Socialoque
For helping creating a beter web site with clearer text.
heartbeat award

John Jille
For writng stories and poems for the website of the foundation.
heartbeat award

Mehdi Benkirane
For his creative thinking, enthusiasm and support of the foundation.
heartbeat award

Judith Demoed - YOUDID photography
For taking photos for the foundation.
When you shown us your warm heart, we will give you a 'Warm Heart Award' or a 'Heartbeat Award' picture that you can use on your website. It is possible to support us without being mentioned on this page.
If you want to be part of this list, check how you can support us.

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